Who We Are...

Cathy and Lori here, the two mama’s and long time besties behind Bonnie Theodora.

Cathy and I met about 15 years ago and instantly became buddies and quickly discovered that we shared a common passion for creating beautiful things. Most nights we just hung out drinking wine, watching reruns of Sex And the City and creating things. We did a lot of crocheting back then...think everyone on my Xmas list received a one of a kind crocheted scarf that year. Cathy could sew and create anything...literally anything!

After a few different careers, marriage, kids and many years later we have decided to join forces and combine our Grandma’s names to create Bonnie Theodora. We will mainly be focusing on Weighted Blankets, PROUDLY made with ALL organic materials...down to our thread and tags. Also very proud to offer all glass beads.

We will also be donating 3% of each sale to a different nonprofit every month. Some nonprofits we will have a very personal connection with, others we just think are important and just a great cause!

Cathy and I have both experienced anxiety on several different levels and we finally found a natural anxiety relief that we have both greatly benefited from.

Cathy and I both also share the same respect for our planet and agree that reducing, reusing and recycling are some of the most important ways we can help protect our planet. All marketing materials are printed on recycled paper.

Cathy currently resides in Florida with her Coast Guard hubby and their two kiddos. Lori is also enjoying that beach life in North Carolina with her husband and their two daughters.

You can expect to see lots of traveling back and forth from NC and FL during this journey!

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