A Little About Me....

Hi I'm Cathy, the mama behind Bonnie Theodora.

Bonnie was my grandma who I loved dearly and spent every summer with as a child. She taught me how to be frugal, bake bread, garden and show kindness to all living things. I learned a lot from her but funny enough not sewing! I am a self taught seamstress that started sewing in my 20's making halloween costumes for me and my friends. Then I had my daughter and moved onto clothes, purses, etc. My love for sewing grew and I was whipping up P.J.'s, Disney dresses, shorts and rompers in no time! My daughter wanted a weighted blanket so I made one for her and realized I loved making them!

My shop will mainly be focusing on weighted products such as blankets, lap pads, shoulder wraps and eye pillows, but I also have other products made with scraps from my bigger projects! The reason I started making organic weighted blankets is because I noticed there wasn't many all organic options out there and I saw how much my daughter benefitted from one. I try and use organic products whenever I can in my lifestyle so this was a perfect route for me to go. All of my fabrics, thread and tags are GOTS certified organic cotton and I use only glass beads for my weight.

I also knew I wanted to give back so each month I donate 3% of my sales to a different non-profit. Some of these non-profits have a very personal connection with me and others I just think are important and are a great cause! (if you know a great non-profit I love suggestions!)

I have experienced anxiety on several different levels and I finally found a natural anxiety relief that I have benefitted from, both making weighted blankets and using one!

I also respect our planet and reducing, reusing and recycling are some of the most important ways we can help protect our planet. My goal is to use up as much of my fabric as possible to reduce textile waste!

I currently reside in Florida with my Coast Guard hubby and two kiddos.

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