Weighted blankets have been around for several decades and most companies tend to use poly pellets vs glass beads...here is our #1 reason why we think glass is best!

Honestly, for us it really comes down to Texture!  Texture! Texture! 

Glass beads are very small, round and smooth.  No sharp or rough edges.  They give a nice smooth feel on the inside of the blanket...I like to move mine around in between my fingers and play with them, I find it very soothing...another perk! They also tend to be less bulky as they are more dense. 

Poly pellets are also small but are not completely round and defintitly not smooth, they are more uneven like pepples. Underneath the fabric the poly pellets usually feel bumpy, which can sometimes be a complete deal breaker for induviduals that may have sensory issues.

Combining smooth glass beads with our organic fabric makes for an incredibly soft, smooth blanket that you'll want to carry around with you all day everyday!