Hi friends, Lori here!

Some of you may may already know that my family and I are based in Wilmington, NC and with the strong encouragement of Hurricane Florence, we decided to get the F out, fast!

Tuesday we packed up all things precious to us and heading to my in laws’s house in Southern Pines, NC. The stress and worry of not know if we’ll have a home to return to has lead me to a couple...ok, a few glasses of wine.

It is now day 5 since we evacuated. Florence hit pretty hard and left behind rain for days. I have received images of our house, Florence seems to have spared it from any major damages but we’ll know more once we are able to return. The rain seems to be relentless, creating flooding and causing most streets to be completely closed, with no way back into Wilmington...fingers crossed we are able to get home soon!

Thankfully, all of our Bonnie Theodora inventory is safe and sound with Cathy in FL. So, please keep the orders coming!!!

From the looks of the news and text messages from Wilmington friends, most people there and surrounding areas, have experienced a great deal of devastation from this disaster. Sending out all the good vibes to all affected.

Please feel free to share your hurricane story and pictures in the comments!