Bonnie Theodora only uses organic thread on all of our products. Organic thread is stronger in many cases than conventional thread and doesn't have any of the yucky chemicals in it. We knew we needed at tough thread that could withstand the stress of the weight and that could withstand normal wear and tear that a blanket goes through. Fiberactive's Sewpure thread meets all our needs and we love that it is GOTS certified! 

Fiberactive Organics started manufacturing their own line of organic thread in 2007, owned and operated by Julie Moore in North Carolina. Julie has brought organic thread to the hands of home sewists by offering her thread at affordable prices, while still maintaining strict controls that insures the GOTS certification.

   Sewpure has various colors and specs to meet every sewers need! 

 Sewpure™ is made of organic cotton grown and spun in India.  It is GOTS certified and put up on recyclable plastic cones that are individually wrapped in compostable, vegetable-based plastic to keep the thread and the environment clean.  For home sewing Sewpure is spooled on 100% recycled content cardboard tubes then bound together in sets of three with a simple rubber band. 

This thread is environmentally friendly from the cotton that is grown to the dyes used and even the packaging. Visit if you want to purchase or would like more information.